Coronavirus “COVID-19” is still spreading across the US. Many states have implemented orders to make face-covering mandatory on various occasions to reduce the spread of the virus.

Prince of Peace is committed to standing alongside our community to fight this battle. While operating and providing food and supplements to the community, we spent a lot of effort to source masks. Finally, we were able to partner with a charity organization in South East Asia to bring in fabric masks into the US.

We have been blessed by our supporters, and we would like to give back. We have decided to run a “Buy Ginseng Get Face Mask for Free” program. Starting from 4/27, every $20 purchase of Prince of Peace American ginseng products can redeem a 100% cotton reusable face covering (value: $5) for free. ($40 of purchase gets 2 for free, and so forth)

Redemption methods:

Purchases from retailers/Costco:
You may purchase our American ginseng products at your favorite grocery/herb store or even at your local Costco stores* and Please retain your receipt* and submit the redemption application in one of the following ways:

Fill out the form below with receipt(s)** and product pictures uploads
Send your receipts* and return address to Prince of Peace
Attn: Free Mask Program
751 N. Canyons Pkwy, Livermore, CA 94551.

* Limited supply at certain stores. You may want to contact the store to check inventories before making the visit.
** Receipts must list out the Prince of Peace American Ginseng Products purchased.
*** Free masks vary in color.
**** The masks will be shipped out within 5 – 7 business days upon application submission. Delivery time varies depending on USPS’ delivery time-frame.
***** Limited offer when supplies last.

Purchases on the Prince of Peace Online Store:
1. Add the American ginseng products you would like to purchase in the cart
2. Add the number of redeemable fabric face-coverings (black and blue only) into the cart. The face-coverings can be found here
For example, if you are purchasing $60 worth of American ginseng products, add 3 face coverings into your cart.
3. Apply the coupon code “FREEMASK” during checkout, and the masks will be shown as free.  
4. The free mask will be shipped out with your order

NOTE: For orders placed on the Prince of Peace website, the masks must be added to the cart and the code "FREEMASK" must be used for the redemption. If the free mask(s) is(are) not shown in your order, the masks WON'T be added to the shipment automatically. Please contact our customer service if you encounter any issues.



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