Wing Wah Premium Assorted Mooncakes, 4 pcs 4 flavors

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*1 pc of each: 2 Yolks White Lotus Seed Paste,

                       2 Yolks Lotus Seed Paste,
                       2 Yolks Red Bean,
                       Assorted Nuts.

Net Weight: 740g/ 26oz

** Made In China **
* This food contains wheat gluten, eggs, peanuts, sesame, and tree nuts
* This food factory also handles products containing gluten, eggs, peanuts, sesame, soybean, milk, crustacea, tree nuts, and other nuts.

Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop has now developed into a group of restaurants and cake shops with over 50 outlets scattered all around Hong Kong. “Wing Wah” has all along upheld the tradition of using high-quality ingredients and kept abreast with time. “Wing Wah” aims to promote tea and cakes with Chinese and Hong Kong characteristics to the whole world. Our motto is – top quality to ensure customers "buy with peace of mind and eat with assurance". 

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