Prince of Peace American Ginseng Tea and slices are available at selected Costco stores.

For US online purchases, please click here for more information.
For Taiwan online purchases, please click here for more information.

Prince of Peace is the #1 selling Wisconsin American Ginseng brand in the U.S. It’s made of 100% American Ginseng Roots from Wisconsin. Wisconsin has the ideal climate and mineral-rich soil conditions for growing the perfect ginseng root.

Ginseng has long been considered having many benefits to health. According to Chinese philosophy, the Universe is said to be composed of Yin and Yang, or opposites. The balance of opposites determines the order of the universe. American Ginseng is believed to have Yin properties which are known as “cooling” as opposed to the Yang’s “heating” properties found in varieties of Asian Ginsengs. A balanced system is believed to contribute to relaxation, peace and an increased sense of harmony.  

The Prince of Peace American Ginseng products are now available both US and Taiwan! There is a limited supply, so pick up your share before they are gone!

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