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Meet manuka honey, nature's superfood that provides natural benefits in every drizzled spoonful! The manuka plant is native to New Zealand and Southeast Australia, and Cammell's manuka honey is a high quality variety from New Zealand that's available in UMF rates 5+, 10+, and 15+. The higher the rate, the stronger the flavor, so you can choose what depth of taste and aroma suits your taste buds! Add a spoonful to your tea, over oatmeal, in smoothies, or even over some toast to boost your nutritional intake in an easy way. Not only that, but the 3 options have unique MGO ratings: 80+250+, and 500+. The rating stands for the amount of methylglyoxal the honey contains, which is an organic compound that is responsible for the strong antibacterial properties you can find in it. Lovely to your taste buds and health benefits? What a win-win! Make sure to try Cammell's manuka honey - It's for you to enjoy, however you please!


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