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Occasionally, Prince of Peace® Brand receives inquiries from consumers on whether they can bring American Ginseng gifts into Asia. In order to provide consumers with peace of mind, Prince of Peace®, a leader in the American ginseng industry, promises that we will provide a full refund if your Prince of Peace American Ginseng products are confiscated by customs.

If your American ginseng products are confiscated, please follow the four conditions listed below to receive your refund:

  1. Mail the original receipt for the purchase of Prince of Peace American ginseng to our head office (address below). The receipt must show the name, seal or signature of the US retail store, and list the product as Prince of Peace® American ginseng, the quantity and the amount purchased;
  2. Asian customs documents, clearly indicating that the confiscated American ginseng is Prince of Peace brand, and the quantity of the confiscated American ginseng;
  3. Note the total amount of confiscated Prince of Peace American ginseng shall not exceed USD 500 per person.
  4. The Money Back Guarantee is only available for American ginseng products that are “for non-commercial use” and “included in your personal baggage.” (Note: American ginseng products shipped/mailed to addresses "outside the U.S." are not eligible for the Money Back Guarantee.)

Consumers requesting a refund may mail the documents to the address below. Please include your contact information in the mail.
Prince of Peace Ent., Inc
Ginseng Money Back Guarantee
751 N Canyons Pkwy,
Livermore, CA 94551.

According to the Regulations on the Protection of Endangered Species of Animals and Plants, wild American ginseng and American ginseng for trade must have a certificate from CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) for import and export. However, cultivated American ginseng qualifies for the “personal and household effects exemption”, and therefore doesn’t need a CITES certificate, as long as the traveler meets the following conditions:

  1. A small amount for personal use or as a gift
  2. the American ginseng has been legally obtained;
  3. is for non-commercial use;
  4. is carried by the traveler or included in his/her luggage.

Wisconsin has a unique long cold winter and stretches of virgin land, which provides the best growing environment for the cultivation of American ginseng. In addition, the US government has strict regulations on the use of pesticides, ensuring that Wisconsin American ginseng meets the highest edible standards. A number of scientific studies have confirmed that Wisconsin American ginseng is the most authentic, and its active ingredients such as ginsenosides and ginseng polysaccharides are at the highest levels.

Prince of Peace American Ginseng with Officially Certification
American ginseng is valued highly due to the strength of its active ingredients. Be careful of vendors selling American ginseng from other regions under the Wisconsin name. Prince of Peace Enterprises is the largest seller of Wisconsin-grown American ginseng in the United States, and we are certified by the official Ginseng Board of Wisconsin.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or call Prince of Peace's Head Office at (800) 732-2328.

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