Prince of Peace and the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin renewed the contract

Prince of Peace, and the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin have renewed the contract, showing the close and cooperative relationship developed over the years.

The ceremony was held at the headquarters of Prince of Peace in San Francisco. The honor cooperation partnership was also awarded to Prince of Peace, recognizing Prince of Peace continued commitment to providing the public with the highest quality, most authentic, and most effective American ginseng from Wisconsin.

The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin is one of the most authoritative and representative organizations in the American ginseng industry. Robert Kaldunski, chairman of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, said, "Wisconsin has a unique geographical environment and suitable climate. Multiple scientific research studies across various fields have proven that American ginseng produced in Wisconsin contains the highest Ginsenoside. Coupled with adherence to strict government requirements and inspections, the excellence of the ginseng quality is assured."

Consumers looking for quality ginseng should look for Wisconsin American Ginseng products, which can be verified by the eagle seal that signifies its certification by GBW as of the best origin.

The cooperative partner of GBW must be a leading manufacturer in the industry. In addition, it must also have an honest, reliable, and progressive corporate core. Prince of Peace is the largest distributor of GBW in the United States and remains committed to promoting Wisconsin American Ginseng both at home and abroad.

Matt Chin, President of Prince of Peace, a leader in the health and wellness products industry, said: "We have cooperated with GBW for nearly 30 years and are committed to providing the highest quality Wisconsin ginseng, produced under the strictest standards to ensure that the products meet the highest food safety standards. Therefore, Prince of Peace has always been a partner authorized by the GBW to use the official certified eagle seal."

Prince of Peace Wisconsin American Ginseng is an authentic Wisconsin ginseng with guaranteed quality. Matt Chin answered questions about why not run Prince of Peace's own ginseng farm. Prince of Peace cooperates with GBW to have the best quality Wisconsin American Ginseng for a reasonable price from more than 80 certified ginseng farmers. In addition, cooperation with GBW enables Prince of Peace to focus on optimizing the production process and improving logistical efficiencies to reduce costs and prices, provide high quality, and give back to consumers.

The new version of the GBW eagle seal is brighter and clearer, and the Wisconsin Ginseng text and picture in the center are more obvious. Customers need to recognize the eagle seal to make sure the guaranteed products of Wisconsin American Ginseng.

The Prince of Peace Wisconsin American Ginseng can be found in Asia supermarkets, herb stores, and grocery stores. For more information, please send an email to or call the Prince of Peace Head Office at (800) 732-2328.
Contract renewal press conference interview video:

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