Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystal box and 3in1 Matcha Latte bag with a glass of ginger matcha lette

You may have tried the classic matcha latte, but have you ever ventured to try it with a touch of ginger? The matcha mingles with bright notes of ginger and smooth honey to create a combination you’ll reach for again and again. And with it only taking a minute or two to make, the ginger matcha latte won’t steer you wrong.

Yield: 1


  1. Pour 1 sachet Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals into a cup, add 0.75oz of hot water, stir well.
  2. Add 1 sachet Prince of Peace Matcha Latte and 1oz hot water to another small cup, sieve evenly.
  3. Add in the ice cubes and milk.
  4. Slowly pour the matcha liquid into the cup.
  5. Enjoy.

“The video below contains no dialogue. Music only. Instructions explained above.“


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