Thai Tea Macarons with a package of Prince of Peace Thai Tea.

If you're in the mood for a Thai tea treat with a twist, try infusing the flavor into delightful macarons! These desserts can be tricky to pull off, but we've put together a simple step-by-step guide with tips that will help you whip them up like a pro. Indulge as you bite into the chewy shell, and take in that rich Thai tea-infused filling - which is made with just a few simple ingredients! Are you ready to give it a shot?

Yield: 16 Macarons

  • Macaron Shells
    • Almond flour 55g
    • Powder sugar 100g
    • Egg white 55g
    • Granulated sugar 50g
    • Pinch cream of tartar ( or few drops of lemon juice)
    • Orange gel food coloring
  • Thai Tea Sauce


    • Macaron Shells
      1. Sift almond flour and powdered sugar with a medium-sized mesh.
      2. Add granulated sugar in two increments while stirring the egg whites with tartar powder or lemon juice. 
      3. Add few drops of orange gel food coloring and beat the egg whites until soft peaks form.
      4. Add almond flour and granulated sugar in two increments and gently fold the mixture until combined. Stop folding when the batter falls into ribbons.
      5. Cut a straight line on the piping bag and prepare a cookie sheet on the parchment.
      6. Tap the baking pan to release air bubbles and let them dry.
      7. Bake at 330 degrees Fahrenheit or 165 degrees Celsius for 13 minutes.
      8. Remove macarons from the parchment until they completely cool down.
      • Thai Tea Sause
        1. Add milk and heavy cream with 2 sachets of Prince of Peace 3-in-1 Instant Thai Tea into a bowl.
        2. Stir it at medium heat and thicken the mixture.
        3. Cool it down in the refrigerator.
      • Macaron Assembly
        1. Pipe the Thai tea sauce between macaron shells.
        2. Enjoy the tasty treat!

      “The video below contains no dialogue. Music only. Instructions explained above.“


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