American Ginseng Honey Oat Milk Tea Latte

Spin a classic latte recipe by adding tasty ginseng tea into the mix! The classic flavors of foamy oat milk and honey embrace the earthy sweetness of the ginseng and sprinkle of cinnamon. Mix everything together for a steaming hot cup of goodness to share - or to keep for yourself!



  1. Add ½ cup hot water to 1 tea bag of Prince of Peace American Ginseng Root Tea in a cup and let steep for 5-6 minutes.
  2. Heat up oat milk and use a milk frothier to make it foamy.
  3. Put the honey in a heat resistant glass and add a little bit of the hot oat milk to help dissolve the honey.
  4. Add in the rest of the oat milk to the glass.
  5. Pour in the steeped tea.
  6. If you could like, add a dash of cinnamon.

Special Note:

  • You can use other kinds of milk, but I find that Oat milk has a mellow flavor that allows the ginseng flavor to shine.
  • If you would like it sweeter, increase the amount of honey.
  • Please use heat and shock proof glassware and prevent thermal shock.

“The video below contains no dialogue. Music only. Instructions explained above.“

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